Saturday, September 5, 2009


The workflow for the first week of classes are as follows:

9th Grade: The 9th grade will begin to learn about the use of line to define form on a two dimensional plane. We will go over a couple of time techniques and go right into one and two point perspective. The classes will have a series of drills about how to draw with a vantage point as well as how to integrate those skills into what they see.

Aside from the class studies, students will be required to create a series of four drawings implementing the techniques gone over during studio classes.

Digital Arts: This class will focus on the power of dynamic vector animation as the mainstream tool for media in today's online and mobile community. We will talk a bit about creation of mobile applications as well as creating dynamic animation and slideshows for a variety of purposes. The class will begin the year by recreating many of the functions students normally look towards a PowerPoint slideshow for, but have greater control and authorability using Adobe Flash.

3D Design: We will begin our 3D Design class by going over the ways artists see differently when working with depth as well as height and width. After seeing examples generated on the computer, our class will begin by studying the basic Primitive shapes and how they might work together in future projects. Students will create these basic shapes using Card Stock and design the faces accordingly to line up with a topic found within the pages of their Global History textbooks. Theses shapes will be assembled by glueing pieces of cut paper on the faces of the basic forms.

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