Saturday, September 5, 2009

New School Year

Greetings Students,

I am very excited about this school year as I spent much of the summer looking into transfer options for teachers of the Arts.

My name is Mr. Klein, sometimes online I refer to myself as "Professor Klein" as I have been an adjunct instructor for Mercy College as well as an Art teacher for the City of New York for a good many years now. I received a Master's Degree from Mercy College in Learning Technology in this very building!

Anyhow, I became a teacher after starting my career in the Animation Industry when I noticed that much of the Production Workflow was been send overseas to be produced, and the entire industry was revolving around "the end result" rather than "the process".

This is very important as we begin to work together. No line you draw is "bad" and nothing should be thrown out. The entire workflow is a study of our growth as a healthy Arts program.

Anyhow, I usually do mention that I was fortunate enough to be on the production team during the pilot show of Nickelodeon's "Doug", where I continued to work for a couple of seasons of the show before moving on to other projects that included clients like Sesame Street, HBO, Showtime, and more. I usually found a position that matched my interest in the process of created children's programming for television.

Hopefully my website is running smoothly for our digital needs but I will also run this blog in order to give everyone a clear understanding of what is expected of them on a weekly basis. For now please read the following important requests:

*Please generate one drawing a week in your sketchbook based on lessons presented in class and one of your own choice.

*Please act mature and attentive to all lectures and workshops

*Please handle all supplies with care

*Please clean up your work area as well as asking your friend if they need help as well if you finish early

*Please try to integrate your projects into Global History or Literacy themes when applicable

*Please let me know your expectations for this course and beyond

I'm sure I might have missed something but for now just try to synthesize the information that I have provided.

Thanks and again, I am looking forward to a wonderful academic year.

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