Sunday, April 14, 2019


I just completed a course in making old style computer games and I realized it's April 14. Now I lost Doris on April 13th, but i can't honestly say if I woke up on the 14th to be alerting to her passing or if that was the same sequence of days, since it is Sunday morning today as that day was. Regardless, it is always good to take a moment to remind the universe, and the angels that hover above us, as well as the souls of the loved that have departed that I miss my mother very much. I miss my grandmother very much. I miss my Aunt Arlette very much. I have pointed out that I have been given the challenge of having to lose three mothers in a sense, and that is quite a road of misery if one does not learn how to refrain themselves from dispair. As for Doris, I am sure she is listening as I did have something to share. As I am 48 now, one can say that is a percentage of a human life. Memories of running the dog as a child and memories of currently running our loving dog have been some of the greatest moments I have had the honor to experience. My mother was an incredible able and loving parent, and I am blessed with a loving wife. Pray for us to make the best decisions as we continue to pray for salvation for all our souls. Love is the most important part of the universe. I love Moo-Moo...

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